What is Competition?

DECA Competition are various competitive events that focus on the core clusters of DECA: Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing, Finance, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship. With different types of events, written and roleplay, individual and team, online and in-person, there are many opportunities for students with varying schedules and interests! 

There are three levels of competitive events: Regional, State, and International. 

Regional events vary by your location and consist of individual roleplay events.

The South Carolina State Competition is a two day event held in Charleston, South Carolina. This is the opportunity for DECA students to share their knowledge and compete to earn a spot at the International Competition, all while experiencing the great city of Charleston!

Alternating between Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee;  Orlando, Florida; and Anaheim, California; the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) is a growing event with over 10,000 high school students  from across the globe competing for the chance to win some DECA glass! With a chance to explore some of the biggest cities in the US, performances from stars like Andy Grammer, and informative leadership training, ICDC is an opportunity for student leaders to further their professional career skills and give back to their community in a fun, competitive environment. 

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Dress code

Starting the 2019 year, the Board of Directors for DECA inc.  has initiated a dress code that must be followed for every DECA Competition and Leadership event. South Carolina DECA will enforce the new code at each competition and you will not be able to walk across the stage and receive your award, if you do not meet the requirements. 


• Official DECA blazer 

• Dress slacks or dress skirt or business dress  must be at knee or below

• Collared dress shirt and appropriate neckwear (necktie, ascot, scarf) or Dress blouse 

• Dress shoes 


• Casual slacks (e.g., Dockers), blouse or shirt, socks and casual shoes. 

• Jeans, t-shirts and athletic shoes are not included in business casual attire. 


• Business suit or sport coat or blazer

• Dress slacks, dress skirt or business dress

• Collared dress shirt, dress blouse or dress sweater

• Formal dresses

    - Shoulder, chest, back and midriff areas must be fully covered by dress, blouse, blazer, or shawl. 

    - Dresses must be full length and not tight.

    - Dresses may not have slits past knee length.

• Dress shoes

    -No boat shoes or stiletto heels

• Necktie, bow tie, scarf